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Through the support of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention: National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, the UIHI launched a nationwide initiative to enhance public health infrastructure amongst urban Indian organizations, entitled Building Resiliency and Action to Nurture Community Health (BRANCH). BRANCH is a five-year initiative to build public health infrastructure amongst urban American Indian and Alaska Native organizations using culturally-adapted indigenous methods, frameworks, and evaluation approaches.

Through BRANCH, UIHI will release a series of funding opportunities to be awarded to the urban Indian health network, comprised of Urban Indian Health Programs (UIHPs) and urban Indian health and human service organizations across the country. BRANCH funding will support the establishment of sustainable chronic disease prevention initiatives that are regionally tailored by environment, culture, socio-demographic composition, as well as specific healthcare and infrastructure gaps of applicant sites.

In year 1, BRANCH funds will focus on indigenous approaches to diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus Type I and II) prevention and management and associated risk factors including, but not limited to: poor nutrition, insufficient physical activity, heart disease, depression, obesity, food insecurity, and loss of traditional/cultural wellness practices.

Number of Awards: 4

Funding Amount: $10,000.00 over 7.5 months (February 15th, 2018 – September 15th, 2018)