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Employment Opportunities at the UIHI

Job announcements are posted on the careers page of the Seattle Indian Health Board website.

Epidemiologist I: This position is responsible for coordinating, managing, supervising and leading epidemiological investigations on chronic and infectious diseases affecting the urban American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) population. This includes advanced assessments and analysis of morbidity and mortality, associated risk factors and behaviors, and related social determinants of health that impact the health and well-being of urban AI/AN population. The individual will also assist and provide expert epidemiological, scientific, and technical leadership in designing and conducting scientific investigation, analysis, and review specific to the incidence and prevalence of disease in the urban AI/AN population. In addition, the individual will supervise epidemiology staff to assure the deliverables on specific projects are accurate and completed timely. The information, results, and findings obtained from their work and supervision will expand on current knowledge regarding the public health of urban AI/AN, traditional practices, behaviors, health outcomes, and risk factors. Also, the selected candidate will be responsible for conducting advanced professional analytical work in disease surveillance, detection, research, evaluation and prevention, and interpreting and presenting scientific findings and results to various audiences. For more information and to apply, visit the careers page of the Seattle Indian Health Board website. (March 2018)

Research Site Coordinator (SPUNKY): The Suicide Prevention Project, known as Suicide Prevention in Urban Native Kids and Youth (SPUNKY), is a partnership among the University of Colorado–Anschutz Medical Campus, Washington State University, and Seattle Indian Health Board to evaluate existing “Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment” (SBIRT) programs. A novel enhancement to this evidence-based practice will also be developed to test the effectiveness of caring text messages, intended to improve SBIRT retention and increase social and cultural connectedness (Caring Texts RCT). This full-time Research Site Coordinator position will be an employee of Seattle Indian Health Board/Urban Indian Health Board and work closely with the Laurie Moore, MPH, and Ursula Tsosie, MPH, SPUNKY Research Coordinators at the University of Colorado and Washington State University, respectively, to manage this two-stage intervention study. For more information and to apply, visit the careers page of the Seattle Indian Health Board website. (April 2018)

Data Coordinator: The Urban Indian Health Institute has an exciting opportunity for a Data Coordinator. Under the direction of the Scientific Director, the Data Coordinator will be responsible for the development and maintenance of UIHI’s database-oriented applications to support distributed data collection, reporting, and collaboration. The successful candidate will have experience identifying, sourcing, and curating the data needs of a public health research team, as well as developing, implementing, and managing data warehouses. The Data Coordinator will work directly with a team of epidemiologists and staff to identify and manage relevant health and demographic data sources to meet UIHI’s research needs and grant requirements. The Data Coordinator will be responsible for keeping databases updated and providing procedures for users to update data as appropriate. The Data Coordinator will also adapt appropriate new technologies for new database solutions and provide technical advice on new and potential informatics projects. Additionally, the Data Coordinator will also provide assistance to database users as needed. This position will be an integral part of the UIHI team and will work in a collaborative manner to understand the dimensions, uses, and data requirements of UIHI epidemiologists and staff. Most importantly, the successful candidate will have a desire to promote and improve the health of the American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) community. For more information and to apply, visit the careers page of the Seattle Indian Health Board website. (April 2018)