UIHI partners with American Indian Cancer Foundation to address urban Indian cancer disparities

Project: American Indian Cancer Foundation (AICAF) Urban Cancer Solutions project

The CDC-funded project led by AICAF will provide effective and sustainable approaches for improving cancer prevention, screening, early detection, patient navigation, and survivorship.

Technical assistance will be offered in the form of culturally-tailored trainings, resources, and quality improvement strategies. Additionally, AICAF and UIHI will work to examine the gaps in data for urban AI/AN and create new data sources to inform the work that we all do.

UIHI is responsible for coordinating and leading epidemiological investigations on breast and cervical cancers affecting the urban AI/AN population. This includes advanced assessments and analysis of cancer mortality, associated risk factors and behaviors, and related morbidities.

Furthermore, UIHI is also providing expert epidemiological, scientific, and technical leadership in designing and conducting scientific investigation, analysis, and review specific to the incidence and prevalence of cancer in the urban AI/AN population.

Partnership goals:

  • Bring awareness to urban AI/AN cancer burdens and solutions
  • Advance urban AI/AN clinic capacity through training, technical assistance and resources
  • Promote health systems change for improved cancer control
  • Increase availability of reliable urban AI/AN cancer data
  • Potentially reimburse a limited number of breast and cervical cancer screenings