Past Technical Assistance

Through the project website, listserv and other public forums, the WEAVING Project offered technical assistance to all urban Indian health programs (UIHP) and state breast and cervical cancer early detection programs (BCCEDP) in states with one or more UIHP.

Some of the program services previously available to all UIHP and BCCEDP have included:

  • Online resources for programmatic development
  • Reports
  • Networking and Training Opportunities
  • Annual national training
  • On-site technical assistance to support UIHP and state BCCEDP collaboration

In addition, customized technical assistance previously available to select UIHP and BCCEDP has included:

  • Connecting UIHP, state BCCEDP and other partners (as requested)
  • Customizing visits for UIHP and BCCEDP
  • Providing follow-up and on-going technical assistance

Between 2007-2010, the UIHI’s WEAVING Project has provided customized technical assistance to 10 states, representing approximately 10 state breast and cervical cancer early detection programs (BCCEDP) and 17 urban Indian health programs (UIHP).

The technical assistance map below highlights some of the technical assistance provided by the UIHI’s WEAVING Project in past years.

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