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The following Recipes are one-page resources of helpful tips and suggestions for outreach and screening activities, community education materials, and program evaluation methods. These recipes are a great way to share unique and successful practices being developed and implemented by UIHO and BCCEDP across the country. Digital Storyboards have also been developed for select recipes. These videos can be accessed in the Multimedia section below.
Susan G. Komen Affiliate Offices
Susan G. Komen Affiliate Offices Contact Information
Cancer Awareness Ribbon Cookies
Tips for creating ribbon cookies for a fun and educational outreach activity.
Screening Awareness Bingo
Tips for hosting a Bingo event to promote breast and cervical screening awareness.

Saturday or Evening Screening
Tips for hosting Saturday or evening screening events at your clinic.
Focus Groups
Tips for hosting focus groups as a way to evaluate your programs successes, challenges and next steps.
Patient Satisfaction Survey
Tips for designing and implementing a patient satisfaction survey to evaluate your challenges, successes and needs.
Family Photo Sessions
Tips on planning and hosting a Family Photo event. This is a great activity to bring women and their families in for screening and education events!
Developing Culturally Appropriate Materials
Tips on developing culturally appropriate materials for your clinic or program.
Women Cancer Warrior Calendars
Tips on how to develop Women Cancer Warrior Calendars, which honor cancer survivors in your community and provide community outreach and education.
Breast Lump Awareness Necklace
Tips on using the Breast Lump Necklace as a fun and educational craft activity.
Finding Funding Opportunities
Tips on finding funding opportunities locally and nationally.
Women’s Wellness Patient Brochure
Tips for developing a women’s wellness patient brochure that reflects your community and organization, and serves as a helpful resource for women scheduling screening appointments.

Women’s Spa Day Event
Tips for planning and implementing a day that combines women’s wellness and screening activities with social events, special treats such as spa services, food and fun! A great way to develop and plan “one-stop-shop” screening events!
Inter-Agency Referral Forms
Tips for developing Inter-Agency Referral Forms to support referral relationships between partner agencies and assist patients with their referral appointments.

Women’s Wellness Coalition
Tips for developing a women’s wellness coalition — an efficient and effective way to bring attention to issues affecting AI/AN women, develop broad support, build capacity, create partnerships and foster networking opportunities.
Breast Self-Examination Cards
Tips for customizing breast self-exam shower cards to educate women about self breast awareness and remind women of the importance of regular mammogram screening.

Women’s Wellness Quilt
Tips for coordinating a women’s wellness quilt activity for patients, staff, partner organizations and other community members. These quilts are a powerful, beautiful, visual representation of the community’s dedication to women’s wellness.
Getting the Word Out: Outreach and Inreach
Tips for conducting unique and fun outreach and inreach activities at your agency, including: Outreach T-Shirts, Using Youth Art, Agency Decoration, Employee Awareness Buttons, Unique Fliers and Posters, Awareness Stickers or Ribbons.
Breast and Cervical Screening Vouchers
Tips for developing breast and cervical cancer screening vouchers to help inform women about free screening services.

If you experience difficulties downloading these materials, please contact for material requests.

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