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Promoting Health Equity for Urban American Indians and Alaska Natives
Identifying and disseminating best-practices in the prevention, treatment and management of disease

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There are many benefits of developing, nurturing and working in partnerships to achieve a common goal. Partnerships can maximize resources, not only financial, but also knowledge, skills, and ideas, while not duplicating efforts. These resource guides offer suggestions for managing partnerships effectively.

Establishing and Maintaining Effective Partnerships
This introduction to effective collaboration provides an overview of key characteristics of healthy partnerships as well as suggestions and considerations when entering into a new partnership.
Formalizing Partnerships through MOAs
This resource guide introduces the basics and benefits of Memorandums of Agreement and provides steps for developing MOAs with partners
Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
This example of an MOA illustrates the important components of formalizing a partnership. The explanations in the sidebar provide further considerations.

The UIHI has created a Developing Data Use Agreements resource guide and a template Data Use Agreement (DUA) to help you develop your own agreements when engaging in research or other projects where patient or agency data is shared. These data use resources are meant to serve as guides; be sure to consult with your organizational leadership and legal counsel to develop DUAs that best fit your purposes.

Developing Data Use Agreements
This resource guide provides an introduction to data sharing or data use agreements (DUA). The guide includes: the development process, key components and questions for consideration when developing a DUA.
Data Use Agreement Template
This DUA template provides the key elements for entering into DUAs with partners. A DUA specifies the steps and constraints required to ensure privacy protections for study participants (or patients) and addresses data ownership rights. This template serves as starting tool for you to develop your own DUA; consult with legal counsel during the DUA process.
If you have examples of Data Use Agreements or Memorandums of Agreement you would like to share as a resource, please contact us.
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