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In 2007, the Seattle Indian Health Board’s Urban Indian Health Institute received funding from the Office of Minority Health to conduct the Demystifying Data project. The first five year Demystifying Data project operated from September 2007 to August 2012. In September 2012, the OMH continued our funding for another five years with updated project goals. This webpage hosts resources and materials developed by both of the Demystifying Data projects (DD1 and DD2).

The current Demystifying Data project (DD2) aims to increase awareness of health disparities and improve the health and well-being of urban AI/ANs by achieving the following objectives:

  • To increase the UIHI’s access and analysis of public health data to identify priority health status objectives and services needed.
  • To improve access to and coordination of quality health care services for urban AI/ANs by offering one to two Partnership Awards in support of Urban Indian Health Programs’ (UIHPs’) development of stakeholder collaborations.
  • To increase the representation of AI/ANs in health care and public health professions.
  • The first Demystifying Data project’s (DD1) objectives were to:

    • Promote the identification of health priorities by building UIHI’s capacity for public data access, collection, management and analysis.
    • Work with urban AI/AN communities to identify their top three health priorities through epidemiological data and community surveillance.
    • Work with urban AI/AN communities on identifying strategies to address their top health priority with appropriate resources.
    • Work with urban AI/AN communities on addressing their health priorities through technical assistance in strategy implementation and development of related recommendations and resources.
    Demystifying Data - Eliminating AI/AN Health Disparities through Understanding, Management and Training
    Demystifying Data - Eliminating AI/AN Health Disparities through Understanding, Management and Training
    Updated: February 6, 2013

    Read more about the Demystifying Data project’s background, objectives, and products in UIHI’s Project Brief. (February 2013)

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